“Tur kaminda, semper.”

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The titel “Tur kaminda, semper.” (Papiamentu for “everywhere, always.”) for this project was chosen because everywhere on earth you will always find skaters to connect with.

On august 18th 2020 i flew to Curacao to live there for a year with my family. Before we went i all ready checked out who was skating on Curacao and i was looking for spots. Because i just started filming and taking photos I thought it would be cool to make a skate video on Curacao if any skaters would be interested.

After a year of filming and many hours on the streets i am proud to present the project “Tur kaminda, semper.” to everybody who wants to see it. Curacao has a sick skatescene and i am proud on the end result that we managed to get after this year.

I want to thank all the skaters that i have met this year from very young till super old. It was a really nice experience and thank you for keeping mee sane. Masha Dank!!



12,50 EURO / 25 NAF